Goal Setting. You have probably heard this a dozen times already this new year, but for good reason! Setting goals are a sure fire way to finally get what you’ve been reaching for. A goal without a plan is just a wish!

Here are our top 3 tips for setting goals and FINALLY reaching them!

1. Set them realistically

Large goals are awesome, but will likely take more than a few weeks or months to achieve. A few examples may be to purchase a home or lose 50 pounds. This can be daunting and get very discouraging to look at it this way. Instead, break down your goal into small weekly or monthly goals. Then, break down your goal even further, specifying what you will do to get there.

 2. Create a deadline

Make sure you decide on a time limit for your goal. Without a specified time to reach it, it becomes very easy to make excuses for yourself and procrastinate. Weekly and monthly goals are great. Daily “to do” lists are also a great way to break it down.

3. Write them down

This is so important that you may think it’s overrated! But trust us, physically writing down your goals make them more serious, give you something to visually see everyday, and allow you to check them off when completed. That is most gratifying part 🙂

Ok so here is an example of a long term goal broken down into smaller goals, then further broken down with steps you will take to get there:

Long-term goal: lose 50 lbs

Monthly goal: lose 4 lbs

Weekly goal: lose 1 lb per week

Weekly goals to achieve the weight loss: exercise 3 days per week, 45 minutes per workout. Limit “treat” foods to one per day under 200 calories. Drink 60 oz. of water per day.

We hope this helps you find some guidance in setting goals and finally being able to reach them! If you have trouble setting goals or simply need accountability for reaching them, feel free to email us via the contact us form on our website and we would be thrilled to help.

Happy Goal Setting!


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