Fitness. Eating clean. Traveling. Sound like 3 words that just don’t go together?


We know being fit can be difficult enough with our busy lives, now add TRAVELING in the mix? Sounds like a recipe for disaster!

Now you may think a vacation or traveling for work automatically equals falling off the “workout wagon” or ditching your clean eating regime, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Matt and I love to travel (especially camping), and over the years we’ve figured out the best ways to eat healthy and get in our workouts whenever and wherever we are! Check out our top tips for staying fit on the go:

1. Bring Healthy Snacks

Thankfully there are a lot of healthy on-the-go snack options on the market these days. Some great ideas are jerky, nuts, trail mix, protein bars (I love them homemade!), fresh fruit like bananas and apples, protein powder, oatmeal packets, & single serve nut butter.

2. Resistance Bands + Body Weight Exercises

Resistance bands are versatile and can be wrapped up super easily to fit in any bag or suitcase! Also, there are plenty of exercises that can be done with no equipment. Some of our favorites are push-ups, squats, crunches, tricep dips, mountain climbers, & jumping jacks. If you feel totally lost when it comes to working out, check out our online workout video series here:

3. Plan Ahead

Ohhh that magic word: Plan. But seriously guys, planning is key! Look into nearby restaurants where you’ll be staying, call your hotel and ask if they provide a mini-fridge in the room, & invest in a cooler to take along with you. A little planning ahead of time can save you stress once you are there!

4. Stay Hydrated

Most food cravings are actually a sign that you are dehydrated, so drink up! Keep a water bottle with you at all times, and flavor it with flavor drops or fresh fruit! Keeping hydrated is a great way to keep you full in between meals so you aren’t tempted to overeat. Also, sparkling water is a nice treat and doesn’t pack tons of sugar along with it. Other good drinks options are coffee, tea, or lower sugar fruit juices.

5. Stay in routine as much as possible

This is a biggie. Whenever our normal daily schedule changes, we tend to say goodbye to our health routine as well! Bring along any supplements or vitamins you take on a daily basis, and do your best to establish a consistent daily routine once you are at your destination. Studies show that once a habit is in place, it is easier to maintain!

6. Have Fun!

Hey, life ain’t all about work is it? While it is so important to maintain your health, don’t beat yourself up for having that cheesecake or taking a day off the gym. Just be careful that one day doesn’t turn into a week, or that treat meal doesn’t turn into a binge. have your treat, enjoy it, and get right back onto your healthy eating 🙂


Alright guys, remember fitness and health is fun and rewarding and it isn’t a punishment. It just takes a bit of effort when your on the run. Good Luck!

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