It’s time to shred your midsection.

No Workout Experience Necessary



We use an effective blend of cardio and resistance to deliver low-impact exercises designed to reduce joint stress and deliver unparalleled results. Our 3 phase approach increases in intensity to ensure you never plateau and never let up.

The Plan:

MMM Fitness not only provides the perfect system to ensure you meet and exceed your fitness goals, but we also supply the general nutrition education to help you get there. Throw out the starvation diets and restrictions – we’ve got your back with nutrition tips and an on-the-go healthy eating guide to match your hectic lifestyle.

The Support:

Plain and simple, your body is going to experience positive results applying our carefully crafted system. Years of professional knowledge and hard work have gone into building MMM Fitness and we have the results to prove it. Our team will ensure you are getting the help you deserve through our 24/7 email support. Hit us up anytime, your fitness goals are our fitness goals.

It’s Time to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Let the Industry Experts Show You How


Matt began his passion for fitness after transforming his own body and taking charge of his health. He started MMM Fitness as a vehicle to motivate others to embrace the healthy lifestyle and achieve their fitness goals, no matter where they are in their fitness journey.


Marla Moreno is an experienced fitness professional certified by both the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the International Fitness Association. Her primary focus is individualized instruction, aerobic instruction, small group training, and nutritional education. Marla is a tenured health professional with a philosophy that fitness starts from the inside out. She is a strong advocate of supporting your physical goals with a healthy and balanced nutritional plan.

What Our Members are Saying

“The E-Z ABS videos series really helped strengthen my entire core. My lower back used to hurt all the time during any kind of movement. Now my lower back pain is almost all gone and I feel a ton more energy.”

Amy Jensen New York

“I did all 6 weeks of the E-Z ABS program and ended up losing 10lbs. I loved doing the workouts in my own home as I have kids and run a business so I wouldn’t be able to go to a gym.”

Brian J. Chicago, Illinois

“I loved that these workouts were quick but extremely effective. Together as a family we do these workouts and we have all lost weight, feel more confidence, and have way more energy.”

Emily S
Springfield, Illinois

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MMM Fitness members enjoy access to the following features and benefits.

  • Professionally Designed Concept to Improve Result and Avoid Burnout
  • Three Warm-Up Videos to Ensure You Maximize Your Workouts
  • Nine Ab-Toning Combination Workout Videos Designed to Burn Fat and Shred Your Core
  • Three Strategically Designed Cooldown Videos to Cap Off Your Workout and Avoid Injury
  • Roadmap to Fitness – Comprehensive Guide to Get You Moving Now
  • Professional Nutrition Tips
  • On-the-Go Healthy Eating Guide to Kick-Start Your Results
  • 24/7 Support

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