Lead Your Employees to a Healthier Lifestyle

Benefits of healthy employees

MMM Fitness is ready to engage your workforce by guiding them on a path towards a healthy lifestyle. Your employees will participate in low to no impact stretching workouts designed to reduce lower back pain, lead by head trainers Matt and Marla Moreno. Understand the basics of each workout from the ground up, receive nutrition tips, have fun and feel amazing when you reduce your lower back pain!

The Benefits are Real:


reduction in sick days


reduction in health costs


reduction in workers’ compensation and disability claims

*The Institute for Healthcare Consumerism

It’s Time to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Let the Industry Experts Show You How


Matt began his passion for fitness after transforming his own body and taking charge of his health. He started MMM Fitness as a vehicle to motivate others to embrace the healthy lifestyle and achieve their fitness goals, no matter where they are in their fitness journey.


Marla Moreno is an experienced fitness professional certified by both the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the International Fitness Association. Her primary focus is individualized instruction, aerobic instruction, small group training, and nutritional education.

For Employees

Stretch Routine to Reduce Lower Back Pain

Annual Membership

64.99 /Year
(Save $14.99 yearly!)

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Monthly Membership

5.99 /Month
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Our members enjoy

  • Unlimited Access to Current and Future Content
  • Five 7-8 Minute Stretching Videos Designed for Physically Active Employees
  • Five 7-8 Minute Stretching Videos Designed for Desk Employees who want to reduce lower back pain
  • Fitness – Comprehensive Guide to Get You Moving Now
  • Professional Nutrition Tips
  • On-the-Go Healthy Eating Guide to Kick-Start Your Results
  • 24/7 Support

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