Create Your Best Self

We believe healthy is beautiful and fitness should be fun. From personal experience we know that dedication is the best way to achieve your goals. Exercise should be challenging, but within reason. A healthy diet should be satisfying and enjoyable. Whether you subscribe to our workout routines or follow us on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook, our mission is to positively motivate you to create your best self through fitness & healthy living.

Matt Moreno is a fitness expert and certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He specializes in corporate fitness and wellness, group instruction, and individualized training. Matt began his passion for fitness after transforming his own body and taking charge of his health. He started MMM Fitness as a vehicle to motivate others to embrace the healthy lifestyle and achieve their fitness goals, no matter where they are in their fitness journey.

Marla Moreno is an experienced fitness professional certified by both the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the International Fitness Association. Her primary focus is individualized instruction, aerobic instruction, small group training, and nutritional education. Marla is a tenured health professional with a philosophy that fitness starts from the inside out. She is a strong advocate of supporting your physical goals with a healthy and balanced nutritional plan.

The World Is Your Gym

Get fit just about anywhere. A workout awaits outside, on city streets, in your living room, hotel room or backyard. Anywhere you are can be a place to get in shape.


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